Saturday, April 19, 2008

Are You Living In Your Head?

A poem? I know. Sorry. I got to thinking about people sitting in front of computer screens and not even interacting with the people behind those screens and this is what came out. Coincidentally, these songs about solitude and loneliness are living in my head:

New Pornographers--"Adventures In Solitude" (mp3)

Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash--"Beautiful Cage" (mp3)


Are you living in your head?
Are you saying what you wished
You’d said, but only in your head?

Do you look in windows at
Other lives, yellow lamps and
A flickering screen behind a cat?

The car at night streams black,
Traveling through blackness and you
The blank, the central fact.

Wind, scream, white, strum, salt, shine:
Everything’s outside the window;
Nothing stays within the lines

Or lights. No, the road curves.
The sun comes up blindingly
And startles slumbering nerves

Shrilly as a crow’s noisy beak,
Cawing the fearful knowledge
That you will have to speak.

The New Pornographers feature the incredible Neko Case sometimes, but are quite good in their own right. "Adventures in Solitude" comes from their recent release, Challengers. "Beautiful Cage" is from Distance Between, the second release from The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash. Both CDs are available from Itunes.


Anonymous said...

These songs kick it. Love the line "and you the blank,the central fact."

Billy Bob said...

How did you get that picture by your comment?

Anonymous said...

Go to your blogger home page and there are a variety of preferences; you can upload photos (but not of celebrities...that's evidently against the law). Even so, as you can tell, I found a good picture of Robert Redford with his child that I passed off for myself. Don't tell google.

Anonymous said...

There's a cool blog with Rosanne Cash writing about writing and this time she talks about co-writing with Joe Henry. The link is here and well worth reading, especially since BillyBob have morphed.

Bob said...

Did you play the demo? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Can you upload the demo to the site? I agree, it's a great song.

Bob said...

No, you'd have to go to the Times link to hear it. Henry really shapes up those lyrics.