Monday, April 28, 2008

We Have A Winner In Our First-Ever Contest, But Only By Modifying The Slogan From Outback Steakhouse: No Rules. Just Wrong!

Problem 1: So, we listed a bunch of entries, but, in reality, only three people entered (and one additional straggler who had some great offerings, by the way).

Problem 2: None of the contestants sent us a file of their music to listen to.

Problem 3: So we're judging a book by its cover. Yes, we're choosing a winner without ever hearing his song; it's just that the cover of the CD is so scary, and so off-target for the leader of the band that produced arguably the best song of the '80s.

Yes, this is the same gentleman who so forcefully sang "Come On, Eileen."

Our winner, Mr. Josh Edwards, argues just as forcefully that the songs on this album of covers, especially "The Greatest Love of All," are "scary." So, Josh, you win!

Problem 4: We don't have a prize, so we've decided that Josh can go to Billy and ask for whatever he wants and that will be his prize.

Problem 5: Some of you thought/hoped it was a best covers contest. Fear not. We will go there soon. But you have to outdo the obvious no-brainer: Hendrix's cover of Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower."

As Bartyles and James would say, "And thank you for your support." Congrats again to Josh. Peace out.

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Joshua said...

WOO HOO! I'm depressed that I can't find a free version of the tune anywhere but, frankly, I ain't gonna pay even 99 cents for it. I've heard it more than is necessary in a given lifetime (once). It triggers a gag reflex upon hearing it even BEFORE people see the album cover.

BTW, love the blog.