Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Summer from Uncle Bob!

For many of the past recent summers, I have put together my "Summer Cruisin'" mix as a CD. It is an ongoing homage to a series of record albums that came out several decades ago, compilations of '50's and '60's driving/beach/love songs. Since summer is so often a time for travel, I like to have a set of songs to keep me company. And, I'd like to share them with you.

When I pick my summer tunes, in my head I am sitting on a deck, charring or smoking meat, drinking beer with a lime in it, chatting or snuggling with my woman, smelling sweet and freshly-cut grass, following the slow flight of a plane overhead, and waiting for the darkness come in around us.

When I pick my summer tunes, I am walking along the beach with an Ipod, a James Bond in my own right, traveling with my soundtrack wherever I go.

When I pick my summer tunes, I am in a car driving to a destination far away, and because it is summer, I am in no particular hurry to get there.

So, yes, I am shamelessly suggesting that you download these songs and listen to them all summer long as a gift from good old Bob. If you aren't inclined to create them as a playlist in order, then think of them as a swimming pool that you can dip into when you feel like it.

The Wrong Trousers--"Video Killed The Radio Star(live)" (mp3)
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers--"Roadrunner" (mp3)
The Sheds--"Reflection of the Sun" (mp3)
Solomon Burke--"Can't Nobody Love You" (mp3)
Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins--"Handle With Care" (mp3)
T. Rex--"Bang a Gong (Get It On)" (mp3)
Bill Mallonee--"Stay With Me" (mp3)
Hindu Love Gods--"Rasberry Beret" (mp3)
Acid House Kings--"This Heart Is A Stone" (mp3)
The Polyphonic Spree--"Section 22(Running Away)" (mp3)
Johnny Mercer--"Glow Worm" (mp3)
Tullycraft--"The Punks Are Writing Love Songs" (mp3)
The Greencards--"Time" (mp3)
Stereophonics--"Have A Nice Day" (mp3)
BoDeans--"Paradise (live)" (mp3)
Throw Me The Statue--"Lolita" (mp3)
Joseph Arthur--"Let's Embrace" (mp3)

Most of these songs are available from Itunes, except The Wrong Trousers is an audience recording, the Sheds do not have a recording contract (their songs are downloadable from their website, recommended!), and the live BoDeans cd, Joe Dirt Car, may be out-of-print.


Anonymous said...

i love that sheds song. kinda sounds like harm farm, donner party, san francisco seals, or any band that melanie clarin sings backup on. I'll definitely be stealin that one. anonymous again for protection.

Bob said...

Good to hear from you, W. Go to the Sheds website. It ain't no stealin'. Make sure you get "Mountain Cat," the best song of last year.