Monday, June 23, 2008

Stuck Inside of JFK With Those Nashville Blues Again

Wolf Parade--"I'll Believe Anything" (mp4)
Dido--"I'm No Angel" (mp4)

I am Tom Hanks in The Terminal.

I am Tommy Dillow, the soccer fanatic, glued to the screen of the Germany/Portugal game in a small bar. I am the Germans next to me, screaming for their team.

I am spending the day among strangers.

I am overhearing conversations with snatches like "Yes, we have $16 million invested in that" and "I'm sorry, we sent two emails correcting that. We hope you will still be a part of our project."

I am among people who eschew airline snacks in favor of their own mega-bag of Bugles.

I am in the world where ages of women do not matter.

I am a reuben sandwich, fries, and several Sam Adams' Summer Ales.

I am taking all of my possessions with me everywhere.

I am in New York, where waitresses don't smile or call you "darling" or respond to teasing.

I am alone, and alone in a crowd.

I don't talk to the person next to me on the plane, though I wink at the small, adopted Asian boy two rows ahead.

I am 9 hours to kill.
I am the American in the terminal with at least 20 foreign airlines.

I am in a security line with people flying to Israel and people flying to Korea; that pot does not melt.

I am beyond time, and nothing I brought "to do" holds any interest to me, just the constant wandering, store to store, bathroom to bathroom, half-nap to half-nap.

I am early.

I am duty-free.

Wolf Parade and Dido are both available at Itunes.

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