Thursday, July 31, 2008


Bad Connection - Yaz (mp3)
The Touch - Stan Bush (mp3)

OK, so I made up that word, but I'm still haunted by the fifth grade fear of having to spell "antidisestablishmentarianism" in the school spelling bee (even though it's actually much easier to spell than smaller words).

My new word, which should get into Webster's any day now, means this: technodisillusionmentarianism -- (n.) The act of causing someone who generally has great faith in the power of technology to lose that trust.

Let's use it in a sentence: "Working on Bottom of the Glass has created in me a feeling of technodisillusionmentarianism."

I thought a lot of issues could create a challenge for this blog. Maybe Bob and I would struggle for material or even run dry. Maybe we'd have some huge philosophical difference of opinion and break up, like McCartney and Lennon. Maybe Sony execs would hunt us down and kill us for copyright infringement (because we were promoting one song by a band to encourage our visitors to consider buying more... like iTunes Free music, but with added commentary and no direct permission). None of the challenges I feared ever really materialized, nor do I see them causing problems in the future.

The one thing I foolishly took for granted is that we could post music files and let our visitors hear those songs and even download them for their long-term listening enjoyment. All we had to do was pick from any number of sites that offered such a service. Well, we've now used three different sites -- four if you count MediaMax's being bought out by TheLinkUp -- and had our files dumped or made inaccessible on each one of them repeatedly. Twice we've even forked over cash to upgrade our accounts.

First we went with MediaMax, which switched two weeks after I paid for a year's subscription, to TheLinkUp, which deleted all of our old files and bumbled and stumbled their way into uselessness and incompetence before finally giving up the ghost in mid-July.

Last week, after hemming and hawing between FileDen and HotLinkFiles, I paid for a month's subscription to HotLinkFiles to give it a shot. My reward for choosing them and giving them my credit card number? Less than three days later, all of our files had apparently been deleted.

WTF, mate?

So now I'm both painfully jaded about what kind of jokers are running these file hosting sites and painfully afraid of giving them any more of my money when the odds seem pretty good that my money will be utterly wasted. Sure, it's only $5-10 (the wasted year subscription to MediaMax was $50), but in music blogger dollars, we've sacrificed 11 albums' worth of downloads.

I'd originally planned for an entirely different topic today, but I don't want to waste my great songs that no one could download or listen to, so I'm putting them on hold until we can settle on something that can ease my technodisillusionmentarianism.

Whilst we research and dig for a new music file host, I'll flash back to the '80s with the deliciously saucy Alf Moyet teaming with future Erasure leader (and past Depeche Modie/Moder) Vince Clarke in Yaz. "Bad Connection" isn't even in the top five of my favorite songs on Upstairs at Eric's, which is quite possibly the greatest oversaturated synth album in the history of the world (unless you love Yanni). I didn't want to post anything I liked more for fear the link wouldn't work. In addition, I've posted "The Touch" by the inimitable Stan Bush, who sang this song for The Transformers soundtrack -- nooo, not the 2007 flick, but the 1986 animated movie. Dirk Diggler fans will know this song all too well in its bastardized form.

Upstairs at Eric's can be purchased at either iTunes or's mp3 site. Amazingly, so can the soundtrack to the 1987 Transformers movie.

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