Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yeeaargh! My Jack Sparrow Summer Mix

[NOTE: Apologies to all the people who are coming here looking for the music files below. File hosting sites suck, even when you pay them money. At least, the ones to whom we're paying money seem to really really suck. More of my whining on the subject is available.]

As mentioned several times before, the superkewlest side benefit of BOTG is discovering a handful of really awesome music blogs and endless numbers of other blogs worth perusing in the late evening hours when the only sounds in my house come from some other music blog's song files.

So today I post my Best of Other Music Blogs mix, which I have lovingly dubbed my Jack Sparrow Summer Mix. Depending on how much you like the mix, you can choose to believe this mix was inspired by the first, second or third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. All of the songs below were nabbed lovingly from other music blogs. I highly recommend visiting some of the ones we've included in the left column.

But if you could give a flip about reading and only want to steal songs, there's really only one destination for you: The Hype Machine. THM is gold, Jerry! Pure gold! Want to hear a song? Want to hear a particular band? Type in the the name into THM's search feature, and it will search through a shitload of music blogs to find what you're lookin' for! Most of the time it'll find something tasty for you to sample, and you don't even have to read all the crap they write!

(I'm just kidding about that last part. Please read our crap. The music is s'posed to be the dangled carrot that gets you to read us. We're buying your eyes by bribing your ears.)

Enough banter. Enjoy the mix.
  1. First Sight - These United States (mp3)
  2. The End - Alejandro Escovedo (mp3)
  3. Hey Muscles I Love You - Muscles (mp3)
  4. The Plot - White Rabbits (mp3)
  5. Dark Place - Barton Carroll (mp3)
  6. Graveyard Girl - M83 (mp3)
  7. When Water Comes to Life - Cloud Cult (mp3)
  8. Pot Kettle Black - Tilly + The Wall (mp3)
  9. Feel the Love - Cut Copy (mp3)
  10. I'm Coming Home - Wild Sweet Orange (mp3)
  11. Another Day - Jamie Lidell (mp3)
  12. I'm Not Scared - Ladytron (mp3)
  13. Run to Your Grave - The Mae Shi (mp3)
  14. Windows - N.E.R.D. (mp3)
  15. From This Moment On - Poi Dog Pondering (mp3)
    Almost all of these artists and their songs can be purchased at either Amazon.com's mp3 site or through iTunes.


    Bob said...

    Billy, yesterday, my songs wouldn't play; today, it's yours.

    Chris Carpenter said...

    A bonus cut might be "Handbags and Gladrags" in honor of Gareth.