Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Quit!

Bob Dylan--"Dreamin' Of You" (mp3)
Withered Hand--"I Am Nothing" (mp3)

I'm going to have to give up my job.

You know why, don't you? I simply don't have time for it anymore.

It keeps getting in the way of all that I have to do during work hours--search for new music, fight political battles with my dad, work on blogs, read other blogs, keep up with the political campaigns, maintain friendships through email, pay my bills, watch funny YouTube clips that people send me, watch damning political YouTube clips that people send me, watch YouTube clips of great musical performances that people send me, read through online jokes and satires, look up dirt on people I don't like (usually national figures), seek photographs of people that I want to see, manage my Fantasy Football team, keep up with other sporting events so I can be one of the guys, check statistics to see how this blog is doing in terms of readership/viewership, try to locate and contact people I used to know, see if other people I studied with who wanted to be writers have actually published books, find out how much is in my bank account, buy things online like steaks, books, dvd series of tv shows I want to watch, slip in the occasional Netflix and watch it with the sound down low, burn cds for my friends and put them in campus mail, refute Republican lies, check the latest polls and Las Vegas odds, click on the "Continue for work-related purposes" button that will take me to YouTube (which has only once had anything work-related that I can think of), read lengthy "must read" articles and essays that people send me, send snotty inter-office inside jokes and witty asides, when I can bear it, check on the 401k and other investments to see how far I keep moving backwards, backwards, backwards in what I hoped would be a great economic year, and though I'm not a porn guy, sometimes a link leads to a less savory link, leads to something that you didn't block with the firewall...

If I have to, I guess I'll keep coming into this office, even from 8-5, if I must, but it will only be to use this computer which, sadly, doesn't belong to me, but if you gave to me, I could do what I have to from home.

But you need to know that while I'm here, I'll be thinking about my wife and daughters and sending along little things that might be of interest to them or that will excite them as I plan vacations, buy plane tickets, make reservations, study upcoming cities and countries, try to figure out if and where we might eat out tonight and if we'll tack on a movie. While you look in my office window and see productivity, I'll be commiserating, cajoling, sniping, speculating, equivocating, justifying, joking, worrying, forwarding, replying, and trying to think of other people to contact and things to say to them.

Oh, and by the way, you're going to have to ease up on the organizational restrictions on downloading and installing new programs. I've got a lot of other stuff I need to get done.

Bob Dylan's "Dreamin' Of You" comes from his upcoming "bootleg series" release; Withered Hand's "I Am Nothing" is from their ep, Religious Songs. Both are available at Itunes.


Anonymous said...

Should you find it comforting that you are not alone? Should I? No matter. I am too busy commenting on your blog to care.

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Daytimerush said...

Great post!
Wanna plan some stuff for me?