Friday, September 12, 2008

Can Spin Doctors Be Sued for Malpractice?

Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up is Running) - Foo Fighters (mp3)
The Compromise - The Format (mp3)

I've long claimed that one of the reasons I lean more liberal than conservative is that, amongst the people I encounter in my life, the more liberal folks tend to be happier. The conservative folks tend to have as much if not more money, but they seem to be constantly complaining about things. America's morals are in decline, or the guv'ment's stealing and wasting their money, or the media's spinning lies.

At the end of the day, though, I have just as many conservative friends (and even more conservative relatives), and the difference in their politics rarely if ever gets in the way of us having a good time.

I rarely if ever use the word "hate" in a sincere manner, but at the moment, I hate politics. I hate that the most important people in the political sphere believe this is a game. I hate that they don't so much care if they contradict themselves, or if they sell their souls, so long as they win. I hate that this kind of wholesale sacrifice of honor and integrity seems to know no party lines. And I hate that it's only gonna get worse the closer we get to Election Day.

Regardless of your political affiliation, I dare you -- DARE YOU -- to watch this clip from Jon Stewart and not marvel at how these people sleep soundly at night. There is spin, and then there is Axis of Evil Shout at the Devil spin, where people will say whatever from one minute to the next so long as it might move them forward on the game board.

The "lipstick on a pig" drama of late is just another example. When Obama says it, it's sexism and an attack on Palin. When McCain said it months earlier, it was a comment about a health care plan and not the woman, Hillary Clinton.

If one of the Republican strategies is to make people like me despise all politicians and all of their aides and talking heads more and more with each passing day, then they are doing a damn fine job. While my examples are pointed at their ranks, I realize they are not alone in this shameless hypocrisy.

The realization that both sides play this heartbreaking game of talking from both sides of their mouth is hardly comforting, nor does it embolden my confidence in a better future.

"The Compromise" is from The Format's second album, Dog Problems, and they're one seriously worthwhile alterna-pop investment if you like this song. "Cheer Up, Boys" is from the latest album from the Foo Fighters, Echoes, Silence, Patience + Grace. Both are available at iTunes and's mp3 site.

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