Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shut Up and Write the Damn Blog!

Little Birdy (featuring Paul Kelly)--"Brother" (mp3)

We're at a bit of a crossroads and could use your help.
Eleven months into this, we've now had our posts taken down by Blogspot four times because someone complained about one of the songs we posted. You may not even notice when a post goes missing, but it's not only annoying, it's starting to create some paranoia.

There is always the warning in the letter that intimates that if it happens too many times, they will pull the plug on the whole blog. But, just like Blogspot aka Google won't tell you who complained about what that caused them to delete your post, they don't give you any idea about how many "takedowns" are too many.

I realize you don't care too much about this, but it is a reality we have to deal with.

So, we're going to have to sit down and take a look at the options, some of which involve more money, some of which might involve fewer "services."

Here's where you can help. Even if you read this blog or listen to music from it and never leave a comment anywhere, we could really benefit from knowing what your preferences are. So please look at these options and give us some input:

1. If we just wrote the posts and didn't put up the music, would you still come to the blog?

2. Is the music so important to you that we should keep putting up the music no matter what and take our chances? Or, should we looking to moving to another location where we have greater control over what's taken down? (If you own your own site, then on the occasion where someone doesn't want a song posted, they let you know and you take the song down yourself instead of waking up to find a void)

3. Are you German, have no idea what I'm talking about, and are just pissed that I only put up one song for you to steal today instead of two?

The good news is that we're starting to get some pretty decent stuff sent to us that people want us to post, so I guess if we can keep that aspect of the site growing, along with live stuff and out-of-print stuff that nobody cares about, we could probably keep the music going without too much interruption or difficulty.

Case in point: the new Little Birdy single above arrived just the other day. They're an Australian band with, on this track anyway, an acoustic bent, but what starts out as a quiet track picks up pace and energy. Quite an endearing song, plus it reminded me about Paul Kelly (he comes in eventually, playing harmonica and lending a few backing vocals), a guy that John used to listen to a lot but whom I hadn't thought about for years. "Who's gonna love you now, baby?" asks Little Birdy. We will. Please let us know what your thoughts about our future here or elsewhere. Thanks.

Note: if you're the sensitive type, please realize that both visuals in this post are directed toward me and Billy, not you. Little Birdy's new cd will be released in a couple of weeks and available at Itunes.


Anonymous said...

I love most of the music that you put up-or would if I could actually get my school computer to play it-but it's your words that had me at hello. Well, that and your asses.

Algerine said...

Go with a mix of one and two; music blogs without any music are kinda annoying, but no blog at all is worse. Stick with the safer stuff until you start getting in enough music from the producers themselves you don't even have to go hunting for music anymore.

Randy said...

With the Fantasy Football message board now in hibernation, I'd hate to lose the insights of Bottom of the Glass.

However, I don't really care about the music, and I've never even tried to listen to or download the songs. You are the Polonius to my Hamlet...I just want to read the words, words, words.

Daytimerush said...

The music is just a bonus. Keep writing!

jed said...

As long as you are writing, I will keep visiting.