Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Guided By Voices--"Everywhere With Helicopter (mp3)

Lest you think we have forgotten the day where we honor our fallen with our grills (sorry for the sarcasm; it's just that right now I feel like one of the 50 or so people in the country actually working today!), here's a small tribute.

For a couple of perspectives on the day, I would refer you to something old and something new:

Here's my post from last year's Memorial Day. I'm not sure I have anything new to add to the subject.

For a similar perspective, but with some good songs to go with it (some of which have been posted on this site), go to one of my favorite blogs, Cover Lay Down.

And, finally, a recommendation. If you would like to get an eye-opening, pretty balanced perspective on what it's like to be a Marine today, take a look at Generation Kill, either the superb HBO miniseries or the book that inspired it, based on a Rolling Stone writer's experiences while embedded with Marines during the initial push to Baghdad. If, like the blogger of Cover Lay Down and me, "the military has been an abstraction" for you, this story will make it all very real.

Oh, by the way, my ribs went in the smoker at 8 AM. I'll be home to check on 'em at lunch.

Guided By Voices' Universal Truths and Cycles is available at Itunes.

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troutking said...

I saw the lamest Memorial Day tribute yesterday on Facebook. Someone's status was "HUGE thanks to all who gave their lives for our country." This caused me to have two thoughts:

1) Wow, you really put some effort into that tribute, didn't you.
2) I know Facebook is popular these days, but is he assuming that even dead veterans are now on it?