Saturday, April 10, 2010

Guest Post: Skot Saturday

One of the oldest friends of my life, a guy I met while in elementary school, has been regularly sending me and several other guys an email every Friday that includes a few lines of commentary and 1-3 choice panels from comic books of yore. Sometimes the commentary and panels can be obtuse, but almost always they are amusing. Because I was out and tied one on this evening, today seemed like the perfect time to permit Skot, whether he likes it or not, to be the first Guest Blogger of our 30 Days of April.

He calls his emails "FFF" which stands for Funnybook Fantastic Fridays. Although the middle "F" is generally up for reinterpretation on a regular basis.

FROM: skot
TO: billy et al
SUBJECT: FFF offers you a femmey friday break from pollination


FFF doesn't want to hear about how Power Girl has ruined the genteel adventures of DC.* ok, so maybe back in Silver Age or yore even brash Marvel didn't have a character for a long time who sported boobs bigger than her skull, but DC is far from reproach. FFF snickers at the provacative boy shorts of DC fandom!

proud to be your friday purveyor o' smut,

ps: "dude, NO ONE would say that," and you're right. it's my homage to lazy journalism and bogus statements that usually begin articles. or my e-mails.

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Bob said...

Does she find the skyscraper or is it stashed too well?