Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome To Rocktober

Lou Reed--"Vicious (live)" (mp3)

Today is the first day of October. Today is the first day of Rocktober.

From the Urban Dictionary:

Rocktober--An informal celebration of rock music taking place every year in the month of October. It may apply to any genre of rock and roll, however it is most often connected to the 'classic rock' genre. A typical Rocktober fan may be described as a beer-drinking, mulleted and/or older rock aficionado.

That's right, Bottom of the Glass is devoting the entire month of October to posts about music. After all, when we started, we started because of the music. And because we like to mix things up, we're going to freshen ourselves up with a return to the music.

Over the next 31 days, you'll be seeing posts about the best 5 American songs of all time, about concert experiences, about trends, about lost and found musical items, about our most embarassing musical favorites. You'll get a couple of shots at our favorite Halloween-related party mixes. We might even have a Rocktoberfest party, even though it's really the wrong month.

Oh, and you'll want to have a listen. We know many, perhaps most, perhaps all, of our readers do not listen to the music that we link to our blogposts. Too busy? Too jaded? Too unimpressed by our choices? Who knows? But it's time to turn your computer speakers on again.

What did you think your ears were for, anyway? Listening to your boss?


troutking said...

Bring it on! Sounds awesome!

jed said...


Thom Anon said...

Now, this is a sea change I can get behind. Y'all were getting to a point around here where there was too much talking and not enough rawkin!