Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mixin' Up A Witch's Brew of Halloween Tunes

For those of you who don't tend toward the musical or who don't have the time in a world paced in microseconds to click on a song and listen to it, thank you for indulging us for this all-music month. I fear that a certain job malaise seeped into even these posts. Please know that we are ready to return to our usual societal noodlings and attempts to vent frustrations and still not to get ourselves fired.

Still, Halloween remains.

Perhaps some of these tunes will add to your enjoyment of this weirdest of holidays, a night that my little corner of the world and the city that I live in has had the hardest of times figuring out how to schedule. Halloween on a Sunday conflicts with church, with spirituality, and so we have bounced back and forth three times now (so far) trying to figure out whether Saturday or Sunday is the proper night for children to walk around a neighborhood and collect candy.

My apologies to the great bloggers out there--I've been picking and choosing favorites from among your stuff, while mixing in some of my own, and, at this point, I'm not even sure where all of it came from. So, I acknowledge all of you and your wonderful work posting for our mutual enjoyment.

Halloween is a great time for music because you can get a little weird and you can explore your darker side and you can have a little fun. It is also a fitting end to Rocktober because all of us expect Halloween to rock, at least a little bit. Hopefully, I do a bit of that here. The Crystal Castle song may not quite fit thematically, but it certainly fits sonically and it is a great Robert Smith song.

May your demons be imaginary and not ones that actually enter your house and your psyche and leave you lying awake at night listening for their return!

Bright Eyes--"Devil Town" (mp3)

Broken Social Scene--"Romance To The Grave" (mp3)

She and Him--"I Put A Spell On You" (mp3)

Ryan Adams--"Halloweenhead" (mp3)

The Doors--"People Are Strange" (mp3)

Crystal Castles (feat. Robert Smith)--"Not In Love" (mp3)

The Pierces--"To The Grave" (mp3)

Beck--"Devil's Haircut" (mp3)

Jellyfish--"Season Of The Witch" (mp3)

Freedy Johnston--"The Mortician's Daughter" (mp3)

Fairport Convention--"Tam Lin" (mp3)

Evangelicals--"The Halloween Song" (mp3)

Gillian Welch--"The Devil Had A Hold Of Me" (mp3)

John Carpenter--"Halloween main theme" (mp3)

Spoon--"The Ghost Of You Lingers" (mp3)


Anonymous said...

It doesn't exactly rock, but Richard Shindell's, "Are You Happy Now" is also one of my favorite Halloween tunes. Great mix, Bob.

Anonymous said...

The Tam Lin file is an Apple protected file that no one else can use...

Bob said...

Yes, Shindell is on the other computer and may make an appearance later today. "Tam Lin" indeed an Itunes purchase; it's a great song, Halloween or otherwise, and I suggest tracking it down.

troutking said...

No "Jersey Devil" by Bruce?

As Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm would say, "I'm out this bitch!"

rodle said...

Congrats on keeping an entire music-themed month going. And thanks for the music suggestions. That being said, I'm one of those people your first paragraph describes, so I look forward to some great hopped-up-on-candy societal critiques next week!

Hank said...

No Werewolf Bar Mitzvah?

Mark Alves said...

Great list! I saw The Pierces years ago opening for Keb' Mo'. Another Halloween song to consider is "Monster" by The Automatic.