Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Horn Dog: Technidiot (XtraNormal)

Episode II of my XtraNormal series, "The Paragon."

Muffy, team captain to The Paragon, confronts Horn Dog after he misses the rescheduled team meeting. Horn Dog apparently has trouble with modern technology. Anyone who met Horn Dog in Episode I ("Horn Puppy & Crew Cuts") will have no trouble believing this.

Horn Dog: Technidiot

Dear creators and writers of "Archer,"
Please feel free to find these episodes so uncontrollably hilarious that you contact me at and ask me if I would be interested in writing with you. Or, better, creating a show that came on after "Archer." Peace out, hippie.

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Daisy said...

This post hits a little close to home, but that just makes it funnier!