Saturday, October 1, 2011


It's that time of year, fans. It's Rocktober. For the second year, we will devote the entire month to ruminations on music in all of its forms.

Billy and I know that this is a mixed blessing for some of our readers out there, especially our "local" readers, those of you who seem to prefer our "social commentary" to our interest in music. Sorry, we've got to feed the other beast. We hope you'll hang with us.

Bottom Of The Glass has always been a bit schizophrenic. Since the original conception of this website, the music has always been as important as the writing. In our heads, at least. To us, at least. Over time, however, I think we've pulled away from the music somewhat because it doesn't seem to interest many of the readers that we actually know. I have friends who will really like a song that I put on a mix, will comment on it, and I will say, "I posted that on the blog months ago." I'll just get a shrug of shoulders.

Hey, you are the "consumers," you are the Chris Browns and Brittney Spearses. It's your prerogative.

Rocktober gives us the focus, the initiative, the structure, the corny title to refocus on music. I'm excited. I know that Billy is, too. Last year's Rocktober caught me in a bit of a negative mood, and one of our readers, Thom Anon, called me out on it. Too many of my Rocktober blogs were about bands and concerts I didn't like. I'm promising a positive, insightful Rocktober this year from both of us.

Along the way, I think you can expect to see us weigh in on such topics as driving-to-songs, the demise of R.E.M., the 80's for better or for worse, the solo years of Mark Knopfler, the current state of music, and, if you're lucky, a defense of the greatest band of all time (that isn't a band). I also expect that one or both of us will offer a Halloween mix.

Should it so happen that you, too, have a Jones for music in all of its stripes, maybe this is the month you weigh in with a "guest blog." Billy and I average about 18-20 posts a month, so you should know that there is plenty of room for you, if you wish to join us.

We hope you will, in whatever capacity. Thanks for reading!

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Thom Anon said...

Let there be rock!