Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Paragon: When Others Win More (Xtranormal)

Episode 4 of my intermittent and random Xtranormal series, "The Paragon," is now up and running.

When Others Win More

Horn Dog and LionWolf discuss the direction and future of their supergroup, The Paragon. Lately, another group in town, The Super Defenders, have been doing a better job of protecting the city, and Horn Dog thinks it's time for leadership change.

Cast of Characters:
  • Muffy -- Team Captain and S&M freak
    (Seen in Episode 2: "Horn Dog: Technidiot" and Episode 3: "Superteam iPad Program")
  • Horn Dog -- Longtime member whose son, Horn Puppy, attends an expensive private school
    (Seen in Episode 1: "Horn Dog & Crew Cuts" and Episode 2: "Horn Dog: Technidiot")
  • LionWolf -- Loyal hero with super strength but girlish voice
    (Introduced in Episode 4 above)
  • Bowie -- British member of The Paragon. He's the smooth bachelor of the group and frequently gets booty calls from Muffy
    (Seen in Episode 1: "Horn Dog & Crew Cuts" and Episode 3: "Superteam iPad Program")
  • The Russian Robot Brigade -- Unfrozen after two decades in suspended animation, the Russian Robot Brigade still fights to protect the USSR from capitalist pigs. Russia has revoked their citizenship, so they must remain in America
    (Never appeared, but a constant source of agitation)
  • Big Red -- The baddest mofo in the Russian Robot Brigade
    (Never appeared; first mentioned in Episode 4 above)

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