Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Strange Evening

Rameses B--"Game Of Thrones" (mp3)

Last night, I read the whole night through.
It wasn't what I'd planned to do.
I don't know how it came about.
The strangest night without a doubt.

I guess when my wife has a trial,
I am a clock without a dial.
A child at work, a child at college
Left me to seek my own knowledge.
And time to do just as I please,
At that, I think, will nothing sneeze.

I read first from an actual book,
And shifted over to a Nook,
Not really, I just need that rhyme;
It was a Kindle that took my time.

I read while my wife studied law,
I read while my dog licked his paw.
I read while sitting on the pot,
I read while cooking something hot.
I also flipped a magazine
While eating from a soup tureen.

Oh, no, I didn't drink a beer,
Or I'd have gone to sleep, I fear.

I might have watched some brief TV
But that doesn't fit this story
So I'll let it be, except to say,
Game Of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 3.

I read about the delta blues,
Made me want to put on my walkin' shoes
And travel with Muddy and Sonny Boy
Whose Chicago licks turned blues to joy.

And, yes, I even read the news,
Or Newsweek, as the case may be,
A story about LBJ's presidency.

I also read A Feast For Crows,
The fourth installment some say blows,
But I enjoyed it nonetheless,
That game of thrones remains endless.
Some readers want all excitement;
Me, I'll take the character development.

When I set down that hefty tome
Made lighter in its digital form,
The front door opened, my girl was home,
And evening resumed its gentle norm.

By then I'd had enough of books,
The trial long prepared,
The supper long cooked,
So I said goodnight and headed to sleep
But not without a Kindle to keep
Me company for a little longer
Until the need to sleep was stronger.

A boring tale, some of you may say,
But only, I suspect, those sans children in their heyday.


rodle said...

Children are great,
as Billy made clear.
But I'd also rate
your night most dear.

Do people really not like Feast for Crows? I haven't yet read #3, so #4 has been far below my radar.

Bob said...

Storm of Swords excellent, then the reviews really drop off for Feast For Crows and the most recent one, but I'm 200 pages into Crows and I'm totally digging it.