Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#MTProbs: The Invitation

Since there's not a soul on the planet who gives a shit about American Ninja Warrior other than myself, I'm taking this self-generated lull to ask for some audience participation.

In honor of the popular Twitter trend among private schools throughout the country of creating cheeky comments under a hashtag, #_____Problems (example: #UNCProblems), and inspired by an alcohol-assisted conversation over my own school's graduation weekend, I would like to create a fictional list of cheeky #Problems from the perspective of the teachers.

We're calling the hashtag #MTProbs only because they're "empty," as in meaningless and fictitious (or, um, not), and because it's mostly intended to be a fun and liberating way to vent some steam.

So, we'll take any #MTProbs you'd like to submit either by including them in the comments section or by emailing bottomoftheglass@gmail.com. We will keep all submissions mostly (first name or nickname of your choosing) or completely anonymous. I'll post the collection on Friday. Unless I run into some unexpected real-life #MTProbs.

Example 1: When five of your students draw dicks on your whiteboard, and you can identify each artist by the handwriting. #MTProbs

Example 2: How can a single adult human being leave the hall bathroom door unlocked more than two dozen times every year? #MTProbs #ShitYouCantErase

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