Thursday, June 14, 2012

Surfin' M.P.3.

Here's a frothy mix for your summer, mostly finds from the BOTG mailbox that I've been setting aside for the past several months. 

Billy and I have said it before, and I'll say it again, it's difficult to wade through the music sent our way and then to distill the good stuff out of there.  That's not a complaint or a "woe is us."  That's an acknowledgement of how tough the business is and how many, many, many bands try their best but lack that something that makes a listener want to hear their songs again. 

All of these tracks caught my ear for one reason or another--a good hook, a great voice, a professional polish, an intriguing roughness, an energy, a promise.  Or maybe I just told someone that I would get around to posting the song and I'm keeping my word.

I hope you'll give them a listen and see if there aren't some that you like, too.  Not all of them, of course, because we all know that isn't how this game is played. 

There are a couple of ringers, La Sera and Norah Jones (singing for someone else), simply because I like the songs and I think they fit.



Annie and the Beekeepers--"Wake Up, Mama" (mp3)

Tin Sparrow--"My Own" (mp3)

French Wives--"Younger" (mp3)

La Sera--"Love That's Gone" (mp3)

Paper Lions--"Don't Touch That Dial" (mp3)

Esperi--"Come Dine With Me" (mp3)

San Cisco--"Awkward" (mp3)

Danger Mouse and Daniele Lupi (feat. Norah Jones)--"Problem Queen" (mp3)

Annie and the Beekeepers--"Come On" (mp3)

The Griswolds--"Heart Of A Lion" (mp3)

Dave and Marissa--"Hit Like Waves" (mp3)

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