Friday, July 13, 2012

Billy's Got A Throbbing, Swollen Head and other tales of a beer-drenched summer

I thought Billy would post today.  He didn't.  So, here's a little something from me, songs I've been sifting out of the BOTG mailbox for the past few days. 

The various people who send these songs to us always want to know what we think of them.  Billy is good about analyzing the songs, comparing them to songs by established bands, etc.  I'm not. 

My message to the promo people and to you is simple:  if there wasn't something about each song that I liked, I wouldn't have posted it. I think that you will find several songs here that you like, too.

And ain't that what musical taste is all about? Nothing more complicated than that. I will reiterate, as always, that there is a lot of not-so-great music out there that comes our way, so it is always a pleasure to come across songs like these. My best to these bands.

Black Cadillacs--"Choke" (mp3)

The Mighty Quinn--"Fear" (mp3)

Buttonhead--"Champion Bread" (mp3)

Mr. Fogg--"A Little Letting Go (choral version)" (mp3)

Matt Singer--"Red Lights" (mp3)

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