Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thirty-Three Shots

White Tooth Man - Iron & Wine (mp3)

WEINBERG: "I strenuously object". Is that how it works?
"Overruled!" "No, I strenuously object!"
Oh, then I'll reconsider!

GALLOWAY: I got it on the record.

WEINBERG: You object once, so we can say he's not a criminologist.
If you keep after it, it looks like a bunch of fancy lawyer tricks.
It's the difference between paper law and trial law!
The judge called him an expert!

KAFFEE: Sam, she made a mistake.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has voted 33 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. According to a little bit of fuzzy math, CBS has reported that the combined costs for these votes and the prior floor debates is roughly $48,000,000 and has occupied roughly two weeks of Congress’ time over just the past two years.

The math is fuzzy, but the greater point should not be lost: Republicans are textbook Albert Einstein-approved insane. And let me remind you, Einstein often forgot to go to the bathroom, so if he’s calling something crazy, it’s super-mega-wack.

“You know who the real bad guy in A Few Good Men is?” a friend asked me once, many years ago when we stumbled on it on cable one night over beer.

“It’s not Jack Nicholson?”

“Hell no. It’s Demi Moore.” I laughed, of course. “No, I’m serious. You think about her character. Not once does she actually make the right decision. Her role in the plot is to keep fucking up Tom Cruise’s job.”

And he broke it down. She forces herself into the defense team by getting Aunt Jenny to sign off on her. She fails to adequately prepare her client Loudon Downey for cross-examination and never catches the fact that he’s lying about hearing the Red Code being ordered. She “strenuously objects” and does other moronic things during trial.

And then the coup de grace. Galloway suggests (because she’s “galactically stupid”) that Kaffee should risk a court-martial by accusing a highly-decorated Marine colonel, on the stand, of a capital crime. Then, when Cruise is stupid enough to agree to do it, she reminds him that he could get in big trouble if he actually follows through with what was originally her idea.

The Republicans are Demi Moore.

The Right invented the individual mandate. They were the first to propose the legislation. They were the first, behind their current candidate for POTUS, to put it into actual practice. And then, when Kaffee (or Obama) agreed to the idea, they turned around and remind him what a dangerous and bad idea it is.

All the while, Galloway is the highest-ranking officer on the team and keeps allowing the two guys to treat her like crap. Which is the only part of her character that sounds more like a Democrat.

Republicans have wasted some $30-40M in taxpayer-funded time hitting the repeat button on “Call Me Maybe” more than 30 times.

Hey, I just lobbied you
And this is crazy
But here’s ObamaCare
Appeal it maybe

There may be no bigger single example of what is wrong about the conservative side of the political spectrum circa 2012 than this. Whine about the wasteful and irresponsible ways of the left while taking up literal weeks of time on an issue they know is going nowhere, solely for some supposed symbolic effect.

They are the little old ant. ObamaCare is the rubber tree plant. The song still sucks and would suck even if covered as a duet between Ted Nugent and Lauren Alaina.


G. B. Miller said...

Most people can say the same thing about Democrats, but strangely enough, people such as yourself have a tendency to conveniently forget things like "facts" when it comes to critizing the Democrats.

Here's a question for you:

Have you ever criticized a Democrat?

And, do you enjoy having to pay more for your health insurance?

Billy said...

Mr. Miller -- I guess it would be easier for you if I were just some left-wing shill. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. I've likely voted for more Republicans over 20 years than you would remotely be willing to believe. Further, anyone who hasn't ever criticized many Democrats isn't breathing or lives in Antarctica.

Finally, no, I don't enjoy paying more for health insurance. And if you would like to see my costs over the last decade, you'd be darn sure not to link my increased healthcare costs to the ACA. Not unless Obama got into some magic Delorean and went back in time to enact it. Otherwise, healthcare costs in this country have been a serious problem long before the ACA, and Obama is the first POTUS to get serious (if highly flawed) legislation of this kind passed in your or my lifetime and then some.

Which is to say, the ACA got the moss-covered stone rolling. Which is to say, bravo despite its many problems. I look forward to our government continuing to tweak and improve it rather than closing its ears and shouting "la la la la" until the problem goes away.

Still, thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason why,even though mr. Obama's approval rating hovers below 50%, congress' approval rating is 30 points below that. The idiotic 33 votes with their resultant waste of time and money demonstrates why nicely.