Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Leaves Falling, Mosquitoes Dying, Halloween Coming, Snuggling With Your Honey Mixtape #1

It's funny how the song fits the season, whether it was intended for the season or not, isn't it?  Not always, of course, but, I have to say, even when a Christmas song comes up on Ipod shuffle in the middle of September, it still feels pretty right. 

So, I went through the BOTG mailbox to see what had come in lately.  And what I offer you is another reminder that there is a lot of pretty good stuff out there.  Not all of it perfect.  Although "Sextape" sounds very much like it is ready for prime time.  Some of these songs may show more promise than anything right now.  I love that.  I thank the artists for giving me the chance to hear them.

As I wrote at the start of the month, mp3s for posting on blogs are getting harder and harder to come by.  But these artists wanted you to hear their songs that way.

I think you will enjoy these songs.  I hope that we, both you and I, are way past the notion of something not being "my style" or "that's not the kind of stuff I listen to."  What really do any of us gain by limiting ourselves?

Marika Hackman--"Spooky" (mp3)   Remake of the old Classics IV song, just so you have a little familiarity to start things off.

XOV--"Sextape" (mp3)  This sounds like a hit to me.  The title is both accurate and self-effacing.

Blind Moon--"Nothing Left To Lose" (mp3)  A bit trancier than what I would normally listen to, but no regrets here.  I was happy to enter this musical world and stay.

No Ceremony--"Feel So Low" (mp3) Female vocal over a male vocal "riff."  Simple electronic back drop.  This sounds like 2012 to me.

Early Alan Younger--"Only An Ocean" (mp3) Someone who shows the influence of Neil Young but doesn't sound at all like him is always going to catch my ear.

Calvin Love--"Gut Feelin'" (mp3)  Remake of a Devo song; I've never heard the original.

I'm In You--"Ex-Cult" (mp3)  I thought for the longest time that I had the name of the song and the name of the band flipped.  Band name an homage to a bad Peter Frampton album?  Stripped down song with a horror film riff and a crisp snare.  It rocks.

pulse.--"Confessions (feat. Craig Walker)" (mp3)  Pop-ready electronica with a beat like Donald Fagen's "I.G.Y." and vocals that initially reminded me of "Under The Milky Way Tonight."

Guards--"Silver Lining" (m4a)  Classic rock melody with an electronic wash.  Catchy.

Nick Voyack--"Introspection" (mp3) Pleasant, jazz-guitar-driven, mid-tempo.  The perfect closer for this little set.

All songs are used with permission.


troutking said...

Under the Milky Way. I remember that being a good song from a crappy album. I'm guessing if I listened now, I'd rethink my opinion of that song.

Bob said...

You're right. Only good song on that cd.