Sunday, February 9, 2014

Epiphany #11

It is so difficult to know what is going on these days, isn't it?  I mean, from celebrity situations to government scandals, there is just so much information out there, and so much seems to be conflicting.

Did Woody do it? Did the I.R.S.?  Is Edward Snowden a hero for our times?  Can we really trust the government unemployment reports?  Is beef safe?

I have a fairly simple solution, America:  get off your collective asses and do some personal research.  Stop being so passive about everything, and especially about the news coming to you.  If you really think that Wolf Blitzer or Shephard Smith are going to give you "the true gen," then you are absolutely wasting your country's time.  And mine.

No, there isn't a great mystery to Woody Allen's sexual abuse of his daughter if you are willing to look into it.  If you don't care, that's fine.  If you base your entire life on legal rulings, that's fine, too.  I guess. But this idea that it's some kind of he-said/she-said and both sides have some merit is simply a crock.  If you're willing to do the work.  And maybe you aren't, but, if so, walk away from it instead of thinking that you're being reasonable when you are being shallow.

Stop trying to act like you are being fair-minded, when you are simply being lazy!

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that everything in the Allen situation or anything else is cut and dried, but for God's sakes, people!  There's certainly enough out there for you to form an opinion and to go with it, instead of having that fence digging ever deeper into your crack!

I mean, crap, I'm a liberal!  I've been nuancing the gray areas between black and white for years, but that doesn't mean I still can't tell right from wrong.  That doesn't mean I still can't put something to the smell test and decide whether it stinks or not.  Can you?  Or are you dealing with the partisanship in Washington by being "fair-minded" and slow to judge.

Well. You know what, America?  I'm calling that bluff.  If you can't tell after 8 months that some shithead named Issa who has been searching to find a scandal that he can stick to Obama doesn't have a damn thing, then you are a fool.  At the same time, if you haven't paid attention to documentaries like Dirty Wars which show how much Obama has taken us deeper  into covert operations that are killing innocent people, then you have blinders on.

I'm sorry that the world has gotten too complicated for you.  I'm sorry that you need to take sides on issues that don't affect you personally.  I'm sorry that passive glances at headlines or information that your idiot friend gave you are having to count as being informed in your little world.  I sympathize.  I really do.

Because, what?  You've been too busy?  Doing what?  Remind me.  Shit, some of this stuff is even on Netflix, for Chissakes!

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troutking said...

1. I like your passion.
2. Fine, I believe Woody.
3. There ARE too many things that are important to possibly care about all of them.
4. Some issues ARE complicated. Some of these are even best left to experts.
5. Some issues are NOT complicated: Issa sucks, Obama is pretty good, Elizabeth Warren is awesome!
6. Is this post in part a justification for your regular trip down the rabbit hole, which you would do anyway?