Saturday, March 29, 2014

Epiphany #23: The Million

It is a popular thematic unit during the early years of schooling to have  "100 Day," where all of the students in the class bring in one hundred of something (usually something fun or snackable) in order to drive home the mathematical concept of a large number.  To a young child, until he or she sees it, one hundred is unfathomable, it's gargantuan, it's a ton of something, it's huge, it probably wouldn't fit in a backpack (until it does, of course).

Add a few decades onto a life, and maybe it is a trillion that is hard to imagine, at least until you start breaking it down into a trillion is one thousand million, and a million is one thousand thousand, etc.  Or maybe the latest leap in how many bytes can be stored on the smallest of flash drives is what boggles the mind, the once-staggering idea that someone could print the entire "Lord's Prayer" on the head of a pin taken to the nth degree.

Somewhere in the middle of all of that numerical expansion sits a million.  Now, we all know that a million ain't what it used to be, a point driven home quite humorously in the first Austin Powers movie.  Being a millionaire means being a dime a dozen.  Even a Million-Man March is overrated.

Population explodes, money inflates, technology brings both the infintessimal and the infinite closer to our understanding.

But still, a million.  What if you went back to school and the teacher told you that next Monday would be "One Million Day"?  What would you bring in?

Well, at the risk of speaking for Billy, we would bring in "One Million Pageviews" of this blog, Bottom Of The Glass.  That's right, sometime in the next few days, and hopefully, for symmetry, before the end of March, we will reach the one million plateau.

We started the blog in March, 2008, so it has taken us six years to get here.  In round numbers, that means that we have averaged 456 people checking into our blog every day over those past 72 months.

I'd like to claim that all of those people were here to read our writing.  I'd like to claim that our readership is at an all-time high.  But neither statement is true.  Most certainly, people checked into this site to "borrow" from us when we were in our heyday of posting mp3s to go with the topics of our posts.  These days, our daily readership is about 2/3 of that 6-year daily average.

But maybe it's more pure now, you know?  There was a day or so this month when 153 people checked in on a post from a year ago where I wrote about listening to Paul Westerberg all the way from here to Florida, over 9 hours with the 'mats front man in various settings,  and there no mp3s connected to that post.  Maybe there was something about the topic that got it picked up on somebody's feed.  I'll take that.

One million hits.  Now that we're so very close, it's hard for me to know what that means.  We wanted to reach that milestone, but as a validation or an ending or a new beginning?  Well, I don't know.  Maybe that magic number is what's at the bottom of the glass.  We shall see.  Thanks for reading this far.


troutking said...

Congrats! That's a lot!

G. B. Miller said...

Congrats! I had one-tenth of that on my old blog and I thought that was a lot.

rodle said...

Nice job!

Robert Berman said...

Congratulations! All those silent readers should post comments.