Thursday, June 5, 2014

Epiphany #35: The Summer Mix

A summer mix is not the easiest thing to construct. I've always been able to convince myself that I could do it, whether or not that was true.  Below is my 2014 version--I hope it's light and breezy, more vibey than heavy with chords, more thematic in terms of music than in lyrical content.

Used to be a few years back that I could have presented these songs in a way that allowed you to listen to the mix, but now I've had to give you those that I could find on YouTube and allow you to dive in where you feel like (or never, if that is the case).

Think of You
                           MS MR
You Can All Join In               Traffic
Heavy Things               Phish
Check On It               BeyoncĂ© & Slim Thug
Shake It Up And Go               B.B. King
Fragments of Time               Daft Punk feat. Todd Edwards
Go Down Moses               Natalie Merchant
Some People Say               Allo Darlin'
Kid You're On Your Own       Augustines
Volunteers of America       The Both
You n Me n XTC               Chris Stamey
Wond'ring Aloud               Jethro Tull
A Feather's Not A Bird       Rosanne Cash
Red Eyes                               The War On Drugs
Cut Me Down                       Lloyd & Will Cole
Speed of Sound                       Coldplay
Crazy Women                       Brandy Clark
Strange & Beautiful               Aqualung
We Are Alive                       Bruce Springsteen


troutking said...

Heavy things and Sample in a Jar--possibly the only Phish worth listening to?

Thanks for the mix!

Bob said...

I think Phish gets a bad rap these days. Although I won't defend them strongly, I will argue that much of their stuff sounds good on a summer mix! Happy to burn a hard copy of these songs for you if interested.