Monday, July 7, 2014

Epiphany #40: We Boldly Went

Some two weeks ago, Billy posted "To Boldly Go."  And then nothing happened, or, maybe better put, everything happened.  The past two weeks may be the longest that we have ever gone without posting something new on this blog in its 6 or so years of existence.

Billy went off to work on a graduate degree.  I kept dragging in and out of work, day after day, coming in early so I could leave earlier, gardening, cooking up a storm, and all of the other life stuff.  You know how it goes.

Then one friend leaves town for the summer.

Another friend goes in and out.

I lost focus.

The other blog I work for packed up its tents.

I went to a conference in Nashville.

Friends came in for the 4th of July weekend.

In other words, life.

But like those fireworks that keep going off in and around my neighborhood, look for an explosion--of words.  Because Bob is headed to Florida, and Bob writes a lot in Florida.

Just to keep you going, however, here is a list of meaningless, mini-epiphanies that have been banging around my head in between everything else.

1.  The Lego Movie is terrific.  Go see it if you haven't, even if you don't have kids.

2.  I got detoured from Nightfall for the first six weeks or so, but now I've been the last two and can say definitively for the 1000th time--"It is always worth it to make the effort to go see live music."  Best show this summer:  The Slide Brothers.

3.  If you want good, delicious, safe food, you are going to have to pay for it.  I paid $4/lb for some heirloom tomatoes.  Outrageous, I know, but no other tomatoes I've tasted so far this season have even come close.

4.  First World Problems:  I had a day where the air conditioning was out in my house, in my office, and in my car.  I thought I was miserable and wouldn't be able to tolerate it, but then I thought about the rest of the world.  Of course, it's fixed now (well, not in the car).

5.  I love the World Cup.  After the U.S. loss, I still love it, but I have to admit it is more of an academic exercise, a kind of "keeping up," than the same joy I felt when we had a chance.

6.  Too much television.  No, I'm not watching too much; there is simply too much to keep up with.  And so, any number of potentially-great series are getting an episode or two out of me before I get overwhelmed--Rectify, The Leftovers (but, oh, it's dark and I pray, pray, pray there aren't high school parties like that in this city), Covert Affairs, Luther (season 3), Silicon Valley.  I am faithful to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, though.

7.  Favorite quotation I heard at the recent conference I attended:  "We are responsible for more than our intentions."

8.  Life is reductive.  We hope for the grand extravaganzas and live for the small events.

9.  You know you are a serious cook when people rave about your food, but you don't think it was nearly as good as it could have been, without any false humility.

10.  Although it seems to be getting more difficult to start a long book and stay with it, do it.  I was ho-hum about Steinbeck's East of Eden after 50 pages.  After two hundred pages, I can't wait to get back to it.  For how much longer will we be willing to give something that kind of chance to develop?

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