Thursday, August 7, 2014

Epiphany #54: The Crossover Dribble

crossover dribble is a basketball maneuver in which a player dribbling the ball switches the ball rapidly from one hand to the other, to make a change in direction.  --Wikipedia

For the first time since 1980's, when I voted for a man who had once been a professional baseball pitcher whose play I admired, I have voted for a Republican.  Or, in this case, Republicans.  Because my wife and I both secured Republican ballots and went into our respective booths to vote for a Congressional candidate who might replace the  current Tea Party-driven man who fills the position in our district.

Yes, as of an hour ago, I am officially a "Crossover Democrat," one of those strange beasts who switch parties in a primary election in order to mess with the affairs of the folks on the other side of the aisle.  We are a maligned group, especially if you are the candidate who has lost the primary because of us political carperbaggers who have come into your domain and set up shop, however briefly.  

I promise you that I have done it with the best of intentions.  (Insight from a conference I attended this summer: You are responsible for more than your intentions.)  I promise you that it was not done easily or especially willingly.  And I promise you that it was not done to cause trouble.

In the general election, I will be voting for the Democrat.  She will not win, regardless of which Republican wins today.

The simple fact is that, in my opinion, our current Representative is unsuitable.  He voted against the Violence Against Women Act.  He voted to shut down the government.  His voting record does not reflect any position that I support, and there is ample evidence that he takes direction for his votes from larger forces.  He also has run a local campaign so despicable, even for politics, that 150 local Republicans have taken an ad out in the paper to denounce his behavior.  Their own incumbent.  That tells you something.

I also want to make it clear that I did not, today, vote against the lesser of two evils, even though I will not vote for my Republican preference in the fall. I try not to embrace that cynical position.  Here's how you know I voted for Obama twice:  I vote for hope.  I continue to hope.  I see reasons for hope.  And, in voting against the Republican incumbent in today's primary, I voted for a young candidate, all of whose positions I don't agree with, but who has shown me enough evidence that I have hope that he could represent our district effectively and push things forward.

Plus, I am a teacher, and I always see the potential for hope in the young.

So yes, like a skilled basketball player, I have employed the crossover dribble to switch directions, however briefly, but I will be returning to my original course.  As I said, in the general election, I will be voting for a Democrat.  She will not win, regardless of which Republican wins today.  But I will vote for her because she is a smart, principled woman, and I will hope that she will win.  Hope against hope, you might say.

But that's why I vote.


Bob said...

To no avail.

Anonymous said...

I know, right? Nice place to live, except for all the small-minded backward-thinking a-holes.

This is why we can't have nice things.

G. B. Miller said...

For the longest time, I used to be a "crossover Republican", but after experiencing the New England version of Chicago Machine Politics at its absolute worst, I will the long foreseeable future not vote Democrat in local, state or national elections. The closest I will come to voting for a Dem is one that is petitioning here CT to get on the ballot for the gubonetorial election this November.

Because of strong voter discontent for the sitting Dem (in spite of what public sector union leadership says) and two Republicans vying to be Democrat-lite, the petitioning indie I think has a very good chance of being elected.

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