Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Daily Regimen For Liberals In 2016

Liberals have gotten lazy.  Heading into Obama's 8th year in the White House, we have become complacent and self-critical.  Despite enjoying the work of a man who I am convinced is the greatest president of my lifetime, we have become snippy and unsatisfied and jaded and unmotivated.  Even if we don't know that things, so far, have turned out better than we could have hoped, we still want more AND we aren't willing to do anything to get it.  We just want to sit back and talk about what should or could happen.  Well, that isn't the way it works.  Obama won 7 years ago because he had the best organized, most modern campaign that America had ever seen, both on the ground and in cyberspace.  But since then, we've gotten flabby.  We expect others to do it for us.

Now, of course, we are in that window where preference for candidates is divided and petty sniping follows at all levels.  It is the most dangerous time,cthevtime when things are said that can't be taken back.

So here is a daily/weekly/monthly regimen to get back on track.  Following these simple steps will reinvigorate you:

1.  Your goal each and every day should be to plan to vote and to remind everyone that you know of a reasonable like mind that they have the same obligation, nay, imperative.

2.  As your stretch in the morning, remind yourself that a Republican president will repeal Obamacare almost immediately.  Remind yourself that in the years since it passed, the Republicans have never offered a viable alternative.  They don't want to create; they only want to destroy.

3. As your morning aerobic exercise, remind yourself that the next president might easily nominate three new Supreme Court justices.  If that doesn't get your heart rate up when you ponder the conservative version of these appointments, then you are working out hard enough.

4.  Pick up a copy of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and devote several weeks exercising your mind with this very plausible cautionary tale that merges a U.S. Government drifting towards theocracy with an untended environment laden with chemicals and additives that drives down birth rates.  Factor in the assault on women already happening.

5.  Plan to support whoever the nominee is.  It could go either way.  Acknowledge that your opinions of the candidates have been more shaped by a profit-driven media than by your own work reading and researching.  If you "just don't trust Hillary" or if you "think Bernie can't win," know that someone else put those ideas in your head.

6.  Don't get into it with Trump or Cruz or Rubio supporters, with NRA-driven rationalizers, with those who do not understand the separation of church and state, with the brainwashed FOXers or the newly-anointed Trumpers.  You know that nothing will change from those conversations, except that your blood pressure will go up and you will distracted.

7.  Live your beliefs.  It is so easy to get involved in helping the poor or homeless, supporting disadvantaged children, clothing and supplying those in need.

8.  Most of us don't know much about political volunteerism, so don't worry about it.  Just remind yourself that it is your vote and the votes of those who, you can influence (to vote) that matter most.

If everyone voted, we wouldn't be having this conversation.  Don't let anything undermine that.


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troutking said...

I had hoped you were going to guilt/force me into volunteering. I avoid it because it makes me uncomfortable, but it probably does really make a difference.

Bob said...

It's all about and only about the vote. We've got the support the nominee and get others to support him/her. Even a conservative student in my office today declared that the Republican candidates were the weakest he'd seen. And dangerous ( that's my addition).